Woodview Veterinary Clinic
Animal Wellness Center

Small Animal Services

Small Animal Boarding Facilities

Woodview offers a clean and comfortable boarding kennel for your dogs and cats when you cannot care for them. Dogs stay in indoor kennels and get outside walks twice each day. Cats stay in a separate area of the hospital where is it quieter. Our doctors are available if your pet needs medical attention during their stay with us.

Equine Services

Dental Specialist

About once every month Woodview has a board certified dental specialist come to our clinic to see and treat patients. Dr Henry works with horses as well as small animals and is able to do very advanced procedures such as root canals and pulling large molars in horses. Patients with very involved dental problems are often referred to Dr Henry to provide the best care possible.

Woodview Breeding & Extended Care Center

This is a separate facility at the home of Drs. Bushard and Hanrahan which allows us to accommodate those horses which need long term care. This facility is also used for breeding management of mares using artificial insemination via transported, fresh, or frozen semen.

Emergency Service

Woodview Veterinary clinic provides emergency service 24 hours a day to OUR patients. After-hours calls are handled by an answering service (a person, not a machine) who reaches the on-call doctor by telephone to respond to your needs.

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