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Comparing Heartworm and Flea/Tick preventions

At Woodview Veterinary Clinic we offer two main heartworm preventions and two main flea and tick preventions for dogs. The pros and cons of each are addressed below. There are many over the counter flea and tick products. If you are selecting an over the counter product it is important to know what you are getting, as many have deceptive claims about flea prevention and it is important to make sure they kill Ixodes, commonly called deer ticks. All of the products below should be given once a month (unless noted otherwise) and we recommend giving them year round.

Heartworm Prevention

Iverhart Max-This oral medication prevents heartworm disease and deworms for three common intestinal parasites (round worms, hookworms, and tapeworms). This is the most basic heartworm prevention and also the least expensive.

Sentinel Spectrum-This oral medication prevents heartworm disease, deworms for four common intestinal parasites (roundworms, hookworms, tapeworms, and whipworms) and prevents flea larva and eggs from growing into fleas. This is more expensive than the Iverhart Max. If your dog has had whipworm infections this may be a good option for you.

Flea and Tick prevention

Vectra 3D-This topical spot on kills adult fleas as well as their larva and eggs. It also does a good job killing ticks and lice. An added bonus to Vectra 3D is that it repels mosquitoes and biting and sand flies. This is the most popular flea and tick prevention product that we sell.

BravectoThis is an ORAL product that kills adult fleas and ticks and last for 12 weeks. This product does not contain an ingredient to kill flea larva and eggs thus it is best coupled with Sentinel for Heartworm prevention. It also does not repel ticks like Vectra 3D does, the ticks must bite to die. If monthly compliance is difficult Bravecto is perfect for you, if you would rather not find ticks on your dog then Vectra 3D is your product.

Heartworms RW/HW TW WW FLE AF Ticks
Iverhart Max Yes Yes Yes
Sentinel Spectrum Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Vectra 3D Yes Yes Yes
Bravecto Yes Yes

RW/HW Deworms for roundworms and hookworms

WW Deworms for whipworms

TW-Deworms for tapeworms

FLE Kills Flea Larva and Eggs

AF Kills Adult Fleas

Ticks Kills ticks

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