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Radiology...aka x-rays

What are they?

X-rays are a non-invasive diagnostic tool that uses small amounts of radiation to make images or pictures of certain areas of your pet. After an x-ray is taken and processed it shows several different levels of brightness. These levels correspond to bone (brightest), soft tissues (such as the liver and kidneys), fat, and air. The contrast created between the differing levels of brightness is what allows us to see “inside” your pet

What can we see?

We can evaluate bones (including teeth) and joints, the heart, lungs, liver, kidneys, spleen, stomach, urinary tract, small and large intestines, and sometimes the pancreas. Tendons and ligaments show up the same color as the surrounding muscles. X-rays are not the optimal way to evaluate tendons and ligaments, ultrasound is better suited for that purpose.

When do we take them?

We may recommend x-rays for a variety of reasons:

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