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Wellness examination

What is it?

A wellness examination is when an apparently healthy pet comes in for a check-up, just like when people go to the doctor for their check up. This is often done at the same time as yearly vaccinations.

Why is it important?

Regular examinations are very important. They allow us to become familiar with your pet and what is normal for him or her. This allows us to pick up on small changes and find any health problems before they become a serious illness. We recommend that all pets have a yearly wellness exam. Older cats and dogs may need more frequent exams, especially if they have a condition that needs regular monitoring.

What does it include?

A wellness exam includes a very thorough, head to toe, examination of your pet. We will feel them all over and evaluate everything. We will also have a lot of questions for you, such as the typical behavior of your pet, your petís diet and exercise routine, if you have noticed any changes in attitude, any signs of sickness, etc. Any vaccinations that are needed can be given at this time. You should bring in a stool sample from your pet at the time of the wellness exam, to determine if they have any intestinal parasites, for dogs we also recommend a blood sample to check for heartworm disease and other tick borne diseases. As your pet gets older we may recommend other testing to check how their organs (such as liver and kidney) are functioning.

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