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1 in 3 pets goes missing during its lifetime. Without proper identification 90% of these pets never make it home. Getting your pet microchipped takes only a few seconds and provides life long identification.

What are microchips?

Microchips are tiny transponders, about the size of a grain of rice, that use radio frequency waves to transmit information about your pet. They're implanted just under the skin, usually right between the shoulder blades.

How do they work?

Each microchip contains a unique registration number and the phone number of the registry for the particular brand of chip. A handheld scanner reads the radio frequency of the chip and displays this information. Whoever scans your pets microchip can contact the registry to get your name and phone number and reunite you with your pet.

Can a microchip get lost inside my pet?

Your pet's subcutaneous tissue usually bonds to the chip within 24 hours, preventing it from moving, although there's a small chance that the chip could migrate. But it can't actually get lost inside your pet.

How long do microchips last?

Microchips are designed to work for 25 years.

How do I register my pet?

Complete the paperwork that comes with the chip and send it to the registry, or do it online if that option is available. Some registries charge a one-time fee while others charge an annual fee. 24 Hour Pet Watch is a free registry.

Does a microchip replace my pet's collar and tags?

No. A collar with identification tags should always be the primary method of pet identification. Itís quick, easy, and you donít need to take the animal to a vet to find out who the owners are. Microchips should be used as secondary methods of identification in case your petís collar comes off.

What if I move?

If you move or your pet changes owners you need to contact the company that registers the chip to update your information; otherwise, the chip will be useless.

What do I do if I adopt a pet who's already been microchipped?

If you know what brand of chip your pet has, contact the corresponding registry to update the information. If you donít know what type of chip your pet has, find a vet or animal shelter that can read it.

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